Competition Rounds

Total Round Time: 2 minutes
Total Round Points: 20
MAX Robot Dimensions: unrestricted
MAX Robot Weight: unrestricted

Round 1 (Autonomous Robot)

Location: Pleasure Beach
Robot’s Task: Follow straight, curved and discontinued lines, avoiding two kinds of obstacles.

Round 2 (Remote-controlled Robot)

Location: Blackpool Tower
Robot’s Task: Build a miniature Blackpool Tower by stacking 9 blocks in the correct order.

Round 3 (Remote-controlled Robot)

Location: Blackpool FC Stadium
Robot’s Task: Your robot scores goals by shooting at a goalpost from a distance. There is a goalkeeper to watch out for.

Round 4 (Remote-controlled Robot)

Location: Energy HQ
Robot’s Task: Travel through the Energy HQ to grasp, hold and load barrels of varying weight onto a truck. Once done, the robot pushes the truck to its destination.

Round 5 (Remote-controlled Robot)

Location: Blackpool Zoo
Robot’s Task: Pick food from trees and feed it to 3 different animals. Careful about which food goes to which animal!

Round 6 (Autonomous Robot)

Location: Blackpool & the Fylde College ATC
Robot’s Task: Take your robot for a tour of the Advanced Technology Centre and reach Zone 9. Your robot will pass through a maze with no line to follow. This round involves autonomously navigating a robot through a maze, using sensors. There are multiple paths in it, including dead ends.