Round 6 Details

Round 6 (Autonomous Robot)

Location: Blackpool & the Fylde College ATC
Robot’s Task: Take your robot for a tour of the Advanced Technology Centre and reach Zone 9. Your robot will pass through a maze with no line to follow. This round involves an autonomously navigating a robot through a maze, using sensors. There are multiple paths in it, including dead ends.

Round Description

  1. The judges committee might modify the form of the path during the challenge.
  2. For each successful turn the team will get partial points.
  3. Each team has the right to one attempt.
  4. Coloured signs are placed in the maze 5cm from the ground.
  5. These signs will help the robot avoid dead ends and getting out of the maze through the shortest path, as shown below:Maze

Blue Sign: Turn right, a dead end is on the left side
Red Sign: Turn left, a dead end is on the right side

The maximum time for this round is 60 seconds.

Points Distribution

This round counts for 20 points calculated as follows:

  1. For each successful turn the team will get partial points.
  2. Using the signs correctly will give the team more points.
  3. Not taking wrong turns will give the teams more points.

The above will vary based on the shape of the maze. This shape will remain a secret until the day of the competition.