Round 5 Details

Round 5 (Remote-controlled Robot)

Location: Blackpool Zoo
Robot’s Task: Pick food from trees and feed it to 3 different animals. Careful about which food goes to which animal!

Round Description

  1. This round involves placing 3 types of animal food in their designated positions to feed 3 animals. The robots will grasp the food hanging from trees and take it to the corresponding animal.
  2. The animals will be placed on a ramp, a bridge, and under a bridge.
  3. To attach the food items to the tree, three wires of different lengths are tied to the trees, and Velcro is placed on them to attach them to the wires.
  4. A team has one attempt for this round.Food

Points Distribution

Grabbing the food items from the trees successfully: 1pt each.
Feeding the correct food to Animal 1: 6pts.
Feeding the correct food to Animal 2: 4pts.
Feeding the correct food to Animal 3: 7pts.