Round 4 Details

Round 4 (Remote-controlled Robot)

Location: Energy HQ
Robot’s Task: Travel through the Energy HQ to grasp, hold and load objects onto a truck. Once done, the robot pushes the truck to its destination.

Part One

  1. The round starts by the robot carrying the objects from different locations and loading them onto the truck.
  2. The objects are identical in shape, color and size. Each object represents a number of points. The participants should upload as many objects as possible within the specified time.
  3. The robot is allowed to carry or push the objects. The robot is also allowed to carry or push only one object at a time. The team gets the points once the object is placed safely onto the truck.
  4. 60 seconds are given for this part of the round.

    Barrels Truck Button
    These are the indicative dimensions of all objects used during this round.

Part Two

  1. The robot should push the truck to move to a destination.
  2. The robot can have a mechanical arm.
  3. The participants will have 60 seconds for the truck to reach its destination, including the time to press the button.

Object 1: 5 pts
Object 2: 2 pts
Objects 3 to 10: 1 pt each

The maximum points for uploading the objects is 15 pts.
If the truck reaches its destination, 5pts are given.

For every object arriving at the destination, the team will get 1 pt
If the robot carries or pushes two objects at the same time: – 2 pts