Blackpoolrobo 2

business-idea-diagram-graph-40218A lot has been going in the background between the Blackpoolrobo final and the announcement of our Blackpoolrobo 2 edition! We have gathered data from the previous competiton and designed a new set of questionnaires to continue our research effort. Our team of researchers have secured presentation opportunities for the European Conference on Education, taking place in July 2019 at UCL, London.

Registration is now open and we are hoping to welcome many of you to the competition! If you are a teacher at a school across the Blackpool & the Fylde area, do not hesitate to get in touch with us! We have a team of volunteers who will support you. There will be minimal impact on your current teaching obligations and time! Your students will engage in innovative and fun ways of applying mathematics and technology skills, and will get a chance to participate in an event that hopes to change the STEM education landscape in the region.

Get in touch with us here! You can also fill the Contact Us form or directly register here.

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